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The Watch Strap holds the watch face in place with spring pins, on ones wrist. It can be made from various materials ranging from leather, rubber, silicone, stainless steel and more, with various clasp closings from buckle to push button openings.
Choosing a good watch strap to accompany your watch is not only stylish but also a decretive function, providing a fashion statement for 'today's' standards which can support or match  your mood, clothes and feelings.

Gifts At Any Time, offer a large selection of various watch straps from low, mid to high range in quality. We offer everything in high premium quality, from French brand ZRC (Zuccolo Rochet Co) to generic basic straps. The straps are available in all shapes, colours, sizes, materials, imitations and genuine animal skins too. With an endless stock of straps at great low prices you can't go wrong!


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Watches appeared in the 14th century. The 'watch' was designed to be a small and portable timepiece device which enabling one to time-keep and carry time wherever one goes, so to say have 'time to hand'. 

As technology advanced in the 17th century the watch evolved from mechanical driven clockworks which were not so accurate, to vibrating quartz crystals that produced accurately timed electronic pulses. After this came the radio clock technology which corrected time regularly, and in the 70's came development of digital electronic watches which brought new functions and ways of using and wearing a watch.

Today the wrist watch is not only used for timekeeping, but is seen as a 'must have' fashionable and cultural item with multiple functions available. These functions can display day and date, calendar, chronograph functions, alarm, timer, backlights, stopwatch, calculators, measurements of depth, smart technology and more. 

With societies wants and needs in mind, we have gone out of our way to source out great brands of limited yet classic range of watches for you to choose from for personal use or to gift to your loved ones. Our exclusive range of wrist watches come in an array of styles for both men, women and children, they range from your fashionably traditional to elegantly modern to chic contemporary and classically reliable. We sell only the best and well established watch brands these range from Rotary, Seiko, Pulsar, Casio, and Lorus. We continuously strive to bring you the best products and above all ensure that quality, style, fashion, practicality and most important exclusive prices are offered.


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When we think of a battery, we tend to think that it provides some sort of electricity to our gadget of electronic device, but understanding the science behind it is quite complex and fascinating. Don't worry we won't try to explain the science behind batteries, but what we do need to know is that a battery has electrochemical cells that transforms electro chemical energy into electricity.

How we have moved bounds and leaps from the 18th century to now, in our advancements in technology and science we are able to power all devices, gadgets and portable devices with batteries alone. In fact our whole lifestyles in today, in the 21st century are heavy reliant on batteries, which come in all shapes, sizes, materials and chemical make ups.

Gifts At Any Time offer a large selection of batteries and sizes to fit a wide range of devices, watches, gadgets, hearing aids, car keys, TV remotes, toys, calculators and many more. We offer premium quality brands from Rayovac, Maxell, Duracell, Panasonic and plenty more, all at exclusive low prices.


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It's amazing to think before clocks, time was measured by the sun. The oldest time-measuring instrument was a sundial, this told the time of day by the position of the sun in the sky casting a shadow onto the surface of a flat plate with a vertical gnomon. This time measurement indicated solar time which was not always accurate.

Today, when we think of a clock, we automatically know it's a instrument that conveys the time. The modern day measurement of time is shown through the hands on the face of a clock, where the long hand measures time in minutes and the short hand measures time in hours. There are many different types of clocks that come in various shapes, sizes, styles and measurements (digital or analogue), from wall clocks to alarm clocks.

Time is a funny thing, without time there is no structure hence for the need of clocks. We are always working against the clock and almost bound to time in many ways than we realise in our busy existence. So to make our time fun and clocks fashionable in any interior setting we have sourced out a limited yet classic range of clocks for you to choose from. 

Our exclusive range of clocks come in an array of styles from traditional (do not fear, they are not as traditional as a sundial!) to modern to contemporary and reliable. We sell the best clock brands from Acctim, Casio, Seiko to Lorus, that offer quality, style, fashion, practicality and most important reliability at exclusive and competitive prices.


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