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When we think of a battery, we tend to think that it provides some sort of electricity to our gadget of electronic device, but understanding the science behind it is quite complex and fascinating. Don't worry we won't try to explain the science behind batteries, but what we do need to know is that a battery has electrochemical cells that transforms electro chemical energy into electricity.

How we have moved bounds and leaps from the 18th century to now, in our advancements in technology and science we are able to power all devices, gadgets and portable devices with batteries alone. In fact our whole lifestyles in today, in the 21st century are heavy reliant on batteries, which come in all shapes, sizes, materials and chemical make ups.

Gifts At Any Time offer a large selection of batteries and sizes to fit a wide range of devices, watches, gadgets, hearing aids, car keys, TV remotes, toys, calculators and many more. We offer premium quality brands from Rayovac, Maxell, Duracell, Panasonic and plenty more, all at exclusive low prices.


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