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It's amazing to think before clocks, time was measured by the sun. The oldest time-measuring instrument was a sundial, this told the time of day by the position of the sun in the sky casting a shadow onto the surface of a flat plate with a vertical gnomon. This time measurement indicated solar time which was not always accurate.

Today, when we think of a clock, we automatically know it's a instrument that conveys the time. The modern day measurement of time is shown through the hands on the face of a clock, where the long hand measures time in minutes and the short hand measures time in hours. There are many different types of clocks that come in various shapes, sizes, styles and measurements (digital or analogue), from wall clocks to alarm clocks.

Time is a funny thing, without time there is no structure hence for the need of clocks. We are always working against the clock and almost bound to time in many ways than we realise in our busy existence. So to make our time fun and clocks fashionable in any interior setting we have sourced out a limited yet classic range of clocks for you to choose from. 

Our exclusive range of clocks come in an array of styles from traditional (do not fear, they are not as traditional as a sundial!) to modern to contemporary and reliable. We sell the best clock brands from Acctim, Casio, Seiko to Lorus, that offer quality, style, fashion, practicality and most important reliability at exclusive and competitive prices.


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