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Watches appeared in the 14th century. The 'watch' was designed to be a small and portable timepiece device which enabling one to time-keep and carry time wherever one goes, so to say have 'time to hand'. 

As technology advanced in the 17th century the watch evolved from mechanical driven clockworks which were not so accurate, to vibrating quartz crystals that produced accurately timed electronic pulses. After this came the radio clock technology which corrected time regularly, and in the 70's came development of digital electronic watches which brought new functions and ways of using and wearing a watch.

Today the wrist watch is not only used for timekeeping, but is seen as a 'must have' fashionable and cultural item with multiple functions available. These functions can display day and date, calendar, chronograph functions, alarm, timer, backlights, stopwatch, calculators, measurements of depth, smart technology and more. 

With societies wants and needs in mind, we have gone out of our way to source out great brands of limited yet classic range of watches for you to choose from for personal use or to gift to your loved ones. Our exclusive range of wrist watches come in an array of styles for both men, women and children, they range from your fashionably traditional to elegantly modern to chic contemporary and classically reliable. We sell only the best and well established watch brands these range from Rotary, Seiko, Pulsar, Casio, and Lorus. We continuously strive to bring you the best products and above all ensure that quality, style, fashion, practicality and most important exclusive prices are offered.


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